SOE’s Smedley launches new studio, Kickstarter for RPG Hero’s Song

The former boss of Sony Online Entertainment has announced the formation of a new studio and launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for an RPG.

The studio, which is based in California, is called Pixelmage Games. Its first title, should it be funded, is pixel art RPG Hero’s Song. It’s looking to raise $800k, of which it has already raised $52k with 29 days of the Kickstarter remaining.

$1m of funding is already in place from private investors, with the Kickstarter money needed to finish development”.

12 staff are currently working on the project, most of which seem to stem from Daybreak/SOE. Hero’s Song has been in development since October last year and currently aims to be released in October 2016.

The game is described as an open-world hardcore RPG that can support hundreds of players simultaneously online.

Jon Smedley left Daybreak in August. The circumstances of his departure have never been fully divulged, although he stepped down as president last summer after a very public spat with prosecuted Lizard Squad hacker.

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