Some games will perform better on Xbox One S

Xbox One S will run some titles better than they perform on the current Xbox One.

As well as its 4K video playback, the new console also offers high dynamic range colour support. Polygon reports that this will, according to Gears of War 4 dev Rod Fergusson, will offer improved surface detail in the game.

In addition, however, Fergusson also stated that the new machine will also provide a more consistent level of technical performance”.

That’s thanks to the game’s dynamic resolution system that’s designed to tweak the title’s video output to ensure that 30fps is maintained in single player and 60fps in multiplayer. The Xbox One S, apparently, has some extra CPU and GPU power compared to the existing machine, aiding this process.

And as the game is being developed in 4K, it should mean that Gears of War 4 is ready to take advantage of the Xbox Scorpio when that arrives, although Fergusson added that Coalition still has to look at what the engine can do with the power that Scorpio has”.

Of course, to an extent this same-gen performance disparity is nothing new. Consoles are upgraded all the time, and while specifications normally stay the same, sometimes a newer, cooler, uncluttered system will eek out some extra frames from a title compared to an older, hotter and sometimes defragmented machine.

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