Sonic has to consider younger fans

Speaking to MCV, Sega’s Sonic’s brand director David Corless has countered claims that Sonic fans are hard to please”, adding that the publisher is now obligated to tailor modern Sonic titles to the IP’s younger fanbase.

In August Sonic Colours producer Takashi Iizuka said that there are so many fans, each with their own unique first experience of the Sonic franchise, so I do understand that there are different Sonic fans in the world – it’s very hard, near-impossible, to please everybody”.

But speaking to MCV, Corless said it’s not that quite that simple.

I don’t think Sonic fans are hard to please,” he said. There is just a lot of them and they are all hugely passionate and have their own ideas on what the ideal Sonic game should be.

The core fans are very vocal and get a lot of attention but we also have a huge, younger fanbase that we need to consider too. So it presents a challenge. It’s hard to please everyone.

Colours will play well to our younger fanbase but should also appeal to the older fans once they realise there are no unwanted surprises. Sonic 4 on the other hand is old school and for those core fans that remember the originals.”

To read MCV’s full interview with Corless, click here.

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