Sony: 3D will be "biggest gaming revolution"

3D gaming will play a crucial role in the future of both Sony and PlayStation 3, with the platform holder investing heavily in stereoscopic technology.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Simon Benson, senior development manager on the company’s Stereoscopic 3D Team, has told MCV his group is working to capitalise on the recent boom in public interest around the technology.

3D gaming is very important to us and we see this as a significant long term strategy,” he said.

The fact that we have a team entirely dedicated to stereoscopic 3D gaming shows that we are taking this very seriously and we aim to lead the way wherever we can.”

Sony is due to release a 3D Blu-ray player upgrade for the PS3 this summer, and it has been reported that the firm will be launching 3D games shortly after.

However, plans for this have yet to be finalised.

From the gaming side of it, our goal is to support consumers with content at launch,” said a Sony spokesperson.

With the Blu-ray launch, PlayStation content was a key part of that in terms of showing what the possibilities were, and 3D is obviously an exciting prospect for the future of technology. It gives us a chance to show what we can do.

Benson added: We believe that stereoscopic 3D is possibly going to be the biggest revolution in gaming for many years to come.

If you think that the movie Avatar revolutionised cinema, just wait to see what 3D games will do.”

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