Sony: Brazil’s $1800 PS4 not good for our consumers or our brand

Sony has responded to the inevitably poor consumer reaction to its recent announcement that the PlayStation 4 will cost the equivalent of nearly $2k when it launches in Brazil.

Polygon reports on a translated PlayStation Brazil blog posted by Sony Latin America general manager Mark Stanley, who details why the current price tag sits at R$3,999 for the region.

A chart on the import process was provided, with Stanley explaining that 63 per cent of the cost is "allocated to compensate for the fees and taxes that are applied to the product during [this] process."

Stanley also admitted that, as far as Sony is concerned, the present situation is bad for both sides of the table – even offering up the idea of Sony manufacturing hardware in Brazil to avoid the heavy import costs as a possible solution.

[The price] is not good for our consumers, and it is not good for the PlayStation brand.”

"We will continue dialogue with government agencies to help us reduce the heavy tax burden that gamers, retailers and Sony Computer Entertainment America must pay.”

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