Sony confirms PaRappa the Rapper and more for mobile

A number of PlayStation IPs have been confirmed for mobile release by Sony.

The platform holder is following Nintendo’s lead by bringing some of its properties to Apple and Android smartphones following its previous failed attempts to restrict mobile versions of its games to a small line of Sony Ericsson handsets.

Polygon reports that Hot Shots Golf and PSP puzzle game What Did I Do to Deserve This are due out in the spring and summer of 2017 in Japan, with Western releases not yet confirmed.

Later on in 2017 the company plans to release new versions of Wild Arms and Arc the Lad, both of which are being developed by members of the original production teams. PaRappa the Rapper, My Summer Vacation and Toro are also in development.

SquareEnix is also working with Sony’s team for mobile versions of Disgaea and Yomawari: Never Alone.

A new Sony mobile peripheral has also been announced. Project Field is a device that allows physical trading cards to be used with games. It will also double as a tablet drawing device. It’s currently without a Japanese release date and has not yet been confirmed for the West.

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