Sony confirms UK PSPgo price cut

The UK arm of SCE has confirmed to MCV that the UK is indeed in line for a price cut to the PSPgo.

The machine will see 65 cut from its current RRP of 225, meaning it will be available for 159.99. The price still puts it above the standard PSP-3000, which currently retails for around 135 and, of course, includes support for UMD-based titles.

It’s unclear when the change will come into effect.

This morning we reported that Sony is to cut $50 from the price of the console in North America this month, bringing its RRP down to $199.

Furthermore, the Japanese market is to see an even greater discount with the price falling to 26,800 – that’s a price drop of over $110.

UPDATE: Sony has confirmed to MCV that the price drop will come into effect on Monday November 1st.

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