Sony defends early Move software line-up

Though the tech behind Sony’s PlayStation Move is certainly impressive, the reaction to its initial software line-up has been less enthusiastic. However, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has called for patience.

Take Wii – compare their first party titles at the launch, second year, third year,” the exec told Gamasutra. Developers take time to experiment with many things and get their arms around the platform.

We’re excited and happy with early results of development teams.

Like we’ve been notoriously saying, the PS3 has a ten year lifecycle. We’re still on the early half of development. We’re excited to have Move this year. Last Christmas, we felt like we were able to shift to the right price point for PS3, and we feel we’re ready to target a broader audience, and this is perfect timing.”

Yoshida added that during the development phase for Move Sony discarded lots of other technologies before opting for the iconic coloured ball.

We looked at many different technologies before we settled with the vision-based combination with inertial sensors. We looked at pros and cons, we created prototype games using some other technical systems. Through these activities we are very confident that the choice of technology we made is the right one for PlayStation.”

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