Sony embraces #PS4NoDRM campaign

A trio of Sony execs have reacted positively to the #PS4NoDRM campaign.

As reported by MCV earlier, consumers are taking it upon themselves to try and obtain some specific confirmation from Sony regarding its intentions for pre-owned games on PS4.

Although MCV understands that Japan’s current strategy is to refrain from releasing official word until E3, the reaction of key execs on Twitter at the very least suggests that its plans will – at least in the eyes of consumers – compare favourably to Microsoft’s.

Will this be enough to pacify the online masses? Probably not, but it’s already a more positive approach than the PR silence being employed by Microsoft.

Industry chatter suggests that Sony does indeed plan to implement similar pre-owned restrictions to those expected to be unveiled for Xbox One. Or should that be ‘did’?

The chance for a very public PR victory for Sony may prove too hard a proposition to turn down. With PS4 already attracting tremendous goodwill online, confirmation that Sony has resisted demands from some publishers to implement pre-owned controls on PS4 could conceivably wrap up the next-gen race months ahead of its arrival.

Will Japan hold its nerve until E3? Is there time – or indeed the will – for a strategic u-turn from Microsoft?

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