Sony error leads to wrong game offered in January PlayStation Plus line-up

A mistake by platform holder Sony has seen some Vita owners accidentally getting their hands on a free copy of Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign.

Sony has said that the title was mistakenly included” in January’s PlayStation Plus Instant Games Collection range instead of the intended title History: Legends of War.

Everything is back to how it should be now, and Videogamer reports that those who were lucky enough to grab the unintended freebie are welcome to hold on to it for the duration of their PS+ subscription.

Said few are also free to download the correct title, just like all other subscribers.

It is speculated that the error is down to the regional variation in the game’s name. In North America it has a different name – History Legends of War: Patton. All of which sounds very similar to both Legends of War: Patton’s Campaign and History: Legends of War.

If you can understand all of that first time without reading it back then you’re either cleverer than us or a liar.

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