New PSN show The Tester to find new 'talent' for platform holder's Santa Monica office

Sony faces reality to hire QA staff

In quite possibly the weirdest idea we’ve heard since putting ruffled collars on cats, Sony is to launch a new reality show via the PlayStation Network.

So far, not so weird. Except that the reality show will pit gamers’ skills to the test in order to win the grand prize: a job as a tester at SCEA’s Santa Monica facility.

It’s called The Tester, and will have an eight episode run towards the end of this year via the PlayStation Store. If you’re in the US, over 21 and don’t know better, you can apply on the official website.

We must admit, we preferred the working titles: Who Wants to be Slave Labour and So You Think You Can Survive on Minimum Wage. At least they threw out The Price is Right at the very beginning.

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