Sony files 3D screen sharing patent

SCE has patented new stereoscopic screen sharing technology, making it possible for gamers to look at their own individual imagery on the same 3DTV.

In theory this technology would prevent players from looking at their opponent’s moves when taking part in split-screen multiplayer games. It works by splitting the TV image into separate 3D viewpoints – one for each player.

Sony has included a number of detailed illustrations in the patent including how the technology and the 3D glasses work, as reported by Broke My Controller.

The entertainment giant has given 3D gaming a big push this year, with a range of games getting 3D-compatible updates on PSN last month including WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD.

Prices of Sony’s first 3DTVs retailed from 2,130 to 4,325 when they launched in Japan earlier this year. Additional pairs of 3D glasses cost 90.

MCV previously reported that around six million Brits can’t see in 3D.

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