Sony gets PS3 hack site IP addresses

Sony has won the right to acquire the online IP addresses of anyone who has visited George Hotz’ website over the past two years.

Federal magistrate Joseph Spero granted Sony its request to obtain the information, which it said was necessary to prove Hotz’ distribution of a PS3 hack.

It will also use the IP addresses to see where the majority came from. If many viewers of Hotz’ website are based in Northern California, the case could be moved to San Francisco, reports Wired.

An IP address is a number assigned to a PC that is connected to the internet. Sony will be able to request all IP addresses from people who visited Hotz’ site between January 2009 to present.

Sony is also able to ask for relevant data from YouTube, Google, Twitter and Bluehost to help with its case.

Earlier this year Hotz breached the PS3’s security and uploaded its ‘root key’ to the internet, allowing players to modify the console and play pirated games. He is also known for modifying the iPhone.

Hotz is accused of breaching the Digital Millenium Copyright Act and other laws. He argues that his jailbreak was not intended to encourage piracy, but to allow users to install homebrew applications.

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