Sony has now shipped 43.5m PS4s

Over 43.5m PS4 have now been shipped to retailers worldwide, Sony has revealed.

That’s not the same as PS4’s sold, the most recent update for which was 40m+ at the end of May. The company still expects to sell 20m units of its console in its current financial year at the end of March 2017. Current FY sales stand at 3.5m units.

Whether PS4 Neo will arrive before March 2017 remains to be seen. It could still potentially arrive in time for Christmas, although extra time could possibly be taken in the wake of Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio announcement.

The PS4 numbers come as Sony reports a 14.5 per cent increase in revenues from its Game and Network Services division in the last quarter. Operating income for the unit jumped 126 per cent, thanks to strong gains in software sales, particularly digitally. Reduced PS4 manufacturing costs were also cited.

The segment now accounts for 78 per cent of Sony’s total business. Overall Sony profits fell 42 per cent and revenues down 10.8 per cent thanks to lagging smartphone and semiconductor sales.

However, Games and Network Services full year revenue forecasts have been lowered, although it is sticking to its income predictions. Exchange rates and increased marketing costs are the villains here, Sony claims.

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