Sony hints at super-HD, haptic and sensor tech for PS4

The PlayStation 4 could feature super-hi-res 8k output, haptic touch feedback and Kinect-like sensor functionality, according to SCE’s executive VP of technology and CTO Masaaki Tsuruta.

Speaking at the International Electron Devices Meeting in Washington DC in December, he said Sony’s focus for its next gaming projects are focused very much on advanced semiconductor research.

Though Tsuruta didn’t draw a clear distinction between technologies Sony intends to implement in its next PlayStation and those it is only experimenting with, a number of directions were hinted at that will define what PS4 has to offer.

Super HD displays seem to be one focus for the machine, with resolutions between 4k and 8k with frame rates upwards of 300k, while new silicon designs paving the way for low latency response.

One of the most interesting points regarded haptic technology. E&T reports that the new tech is able to replicate sensations, taking feedback way beyond simple vibration and resistance.

This, Tsuruta explained, automatically leads to the device increasing the amount of data it senses from players. The aim is to have the device read a user’s vital signs, body heat and facial expressions – reading emotions being the ultimate goal.

MCV revealed last week that Sony intends to reveal the first details about its next PlayStation at E3 later this year, though Sony has dismissed the rumours.

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