Sony investing $20m in exclusive PSN titles

Exclusivity has been dismissed by many an exec and developer and a redundant model in the modern games market, but Sony clearly disagrees having announced a huge investment in exclusive digital games for PlayStation platforms.

PlayStation Network’s director of marketing Brandon Stander has said that the company is to invest $20m over three years in initiatives aimed at developing original digital games for the PlayStation Network.

Citing previous successes such as Joe Danger, Flower and Critter Crunch, Stander stated: We’re excited to add new and different game experiences to this portfolio of games that can’t be found on any other game console.

This investment includes support across both our own network of first-party studios as well as for the Pub Fund, which was first introduced at GDC in 2009.

Under this investment, we’re committed to delivering titles that have innovative gameplay mechanics, vibrant visuals, interesting storylines and an artistic element to interactive entertainment that can only be found on PlayStation Network.”

Exclusives already on the way to the platform include Eufloria, Okabu and Papo & Yo (pictured).

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