SONY: JK Rowling on-board for new PS3 service ‘Wonderbook’

Sony has confirmed the existence of a PlayStation eBook system – but it is far more advanced than originally thought.

Wonderbook uses PlayStation Eye to let fans "explore and interact with books like never before," says PlayStation CEO Andrew House.

As part of the concept, PlayStation has teamed-up with Harry Potter genius JK Rowling for ‘Book of Spells’ for Wonderbook. It partners with Rowling’s ‘Pottermore’ online world, which Sony is already a partner on.

Book of Spells is an interactive book, with players encouraged to use the spells it reads about in the book.

Diggs Nightcrawler is another book that is in development for the service.

MCV reported that Sony was working on a book system for PS3. But we’ll be honest, we weren’t expecting this.

"We will have much more to share with you before Wonderbook: Book of Spells arrives this holiday," said Rowling.

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