Sony looking to punish more PS3 hackers

Sony is taking its fight against PS3 piracy to new levels with a fresh drive to round up more hackers involved with security breaches of its PS3 console.

The company is already embroiled in a legal dispute with notorious hacker George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz but now sites such as YouTube, Twitter, PayPal and Slashdot have been asked to hand over any information relating to the identity of aliases such as Cantero, Peter, Bushing, Segher, hermesEOL, kmeaw, Waninkoko, grafchokolo and kakaroto.

Sony wants names, addresses and IP addresses.

The information was sourced from PSX-Scene, though the site – and the court documents it was hosting – is currently offline.

As for Hotz, Sony currently has a restraining order in place against him though Hotz’ lawyer is currently looking to dismiss the ruling.

"Under the first prong of a specific jurisdiction test, SCEA must demonstrate that Mr. Hotz ‘purposefully availed’ himself of the privilege of conducting activities in California, or purposefully directed its activities toward California," lawyer Stewart Kellar argued.

"Mr. Hotz maintains a passive website. The site merely makes information available and does not allow users to interact with the host computer or exchange information.

"In the present case, SCEA cannot demonstrate that Mr. Hotz’s activity could even arguably be construed as expressly aimed at California. To the contrary, the sole alleged activity in this action involves Mr. Hotz—who is located in New Jersey—purportedly improperly accessing portions of his own Playstation computer—which is also located in New Jersey.

"The Playstation computer is not made by SCEA. It is made by Sony Inc. which is a Japanese corporation."

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