Sony: MMOs will become selling point for PS3

President of Sony Online Entertainment John Smedley believes that PS3′ upcoming slate of MMOs will help distance the console’s offering from that of Xbox 360.

Speaking to The Seattle Times, Smedley said that titles such as The Agency would see MMOs become ‘a strong selling point’ for the PS3.

Smedley also said that MMOs are set to become far more mass market in the near future.

He commented:

I think MMOs are going to be a real strong selling point for the PS3 long term — there’s going to be some great ones on the PS3. You’re not going to find The Agency on the [Xbox] 360.”

He added: I would say [MMOs are] getting more mainstream. If I were characterizing it, I would say think of the video gaming industry five years ago.

That’s kind of where I think we’re at. … Five years ago, do you think Grand Theft Auto IV would have done $500 million [in opening-week sales]? To me, video games are just reaching the real mass-market now. That is going to translate to the MMO side of the business.”

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