SONY: Momentum in our favour

Sony has kicked off its (severely delayed) Gamescom 2010 conference by revealing that it has now sold a total of 38m PS3 consoles worldwide, with 16m of those sales coming from Europe.

PS3 hardware sales have jumped 57 per cent year-on-year and software sales are up 38 per cent.

The platform holder also adds that first party developed titles are the best selling on the machine. In addition, the average review score of Sony-developed PS3 games is 80 per cent. In comparison, Microsoft has a 77 per cent average for its firsty party titles on Xbox 360.

No matter what our competitors do, momentum is firmly in our favour,” SCEE president Andrew House told the Gamescom audience. The launch of PS3 Slim was the instant the console sprang into life. Sales have increased dramatically.”

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