Sony offers new password reset advice

Users who are still waiting for a PSN confirmation email from Sony have been told that they must request a new one.

Though the vast majority of users have been able to get their machines up and running since PSN was restored at the weekend with no hassle, those who have either forgotten their passwords or never registered their machine on PSN are required to wait for a new one to be issued by Sony.

However, with some complaints that three days after requesting the mail some users have not yet received, Sony has issued the following advice:

"Just been checking the latest on this and there is still a huge backlog of emails with the ISP and waiting to go through," Sony’s James Gallagher said. "All we can say is please wait and they will all go through as the massive demand eases.

"However, if you have been waiting for more than 24 hours than it may be worth submitting a new request now, as each email has a 24-hour expiry. Just be sure to only submit the request once."

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