Sony outlines its UMD solution

Ahead of next week’s global PSPgo launch, Sony has revealed that all those who buy the machine will be entitled to three free full-game downloads from the PSP PlayStation Store.

The plan is what Sony in June referred to as it’s ‘solution’ to those who wished to upgrade to the new machine but already owned a collection of games on UMD disc – none of which will be compatible with Sony’s new device.

Dubbed PSPgo Rewards, the scheme will offer a total of 17 titles to choose from including the likes of Killzone: Liberation, Everybody’s Golf, LocoRoco, Patapon and Echochrome.

Users will be required to log in to PSN via their existing machine and register for PSPgo Rewards. Registration will only be allowed if a UMD is inserted into the drive.

Shortly afterwards they will receive an email with a promo code with which they can log into PSN with their new PSPgo and pick their games.

The promotion kicks off on October 1st and will conclude on March 31st.

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