Console firm partnering with Flextronics to assemble hardware in Free Trade Zone

Sony plans to slash high cost of PS4 in Brazil

Sony plans to slash the high cost of the PS4 in Brazil by partnering with a local manufacturer to build consoles for the region.

As reported by IGN Brazil, Flextronics will assemble PS4s in the Manaus Free Trade Zone. It is hoped this will reduce the price of the console for consumers, as Sony will no longer have to pay high import tariffs.

The taxes are so high in fact, that Sony has been selling the PS4 for around £1,000.

The Brazil-manufactured consoles will go on sale in October, though no price details have been revealed.

The country has proven notorious for high-priced game consoles, with many blaming the high levels of taxation on imported goods. Earlier this year Nintendo pulled out of Brazil completely, citing high import duties as the reason.

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