Sony promises no delay for Gran Turismo 6

Gran turismo 5 was famously dogged by delays, but the newly announced GT6 shouldn’t suffer the same fate, says Sony.

The firm is confident Gran Turismo 6 will arrive on time this Christmas.

There is no reason to think the proposed release window for GT6 will not be achieved,” product manager Josh Walker told MCV.

Eyebrows were raised when it was revealed Gran Turismo 6 was destined for PS3 rather than PS4.

But Sony and Gran Turismo developer Polyphony Digital believe that the racer will prove there’s plenty of life in the current gen console.

We feel it is important to continue to support our loyal PS3 users, and those from many parts of the world who are new to PS3, with a new title,” he said. And [series producer] Kazuori Yamauchi was keen to develop the Gran Turismo platform further on PS3.

Gran Turismo has a huge following among current PS3 gamers. The release also follows a pattern for Gran Turismo – GT and GT2 for PS, GT3 and GT4 for PS2, and now GT5 and GT6 on PS3.”

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