SONY: PS4 System Software Update 2.0 to introduce Share Play

The next big update for PS4 is to introduce the ability to take over other players’ games remotely.

Detailing the big software update on-stage at Sony’s Gamescom presentation, Jim Ryan, CEO and president for SCE Europe, said that PlayStation Plus members could invite their friends to take control of a game remotely – for instance if the player is stuck on part of a game – or play co-operatively with them as if they were sat in the room with them.

The Share Play feature would not require the second player to own or download the title, Ryan added.

The ability to dive in and take over your friend’s game via the internet was originally teased as part of the PS4’s initial announcement.

Other features coming with 2.0 include Friend Finder, which allows players to search for friends by ID and see recommendations for new PlayStation Network friends and the ability to upload recorded videos to YouTube via a dedicated app for the video service.

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