Sony pulls third PSP game due to Vita piracy concerns

A third PSP game has been removed from the PlayStation Store after it emerged that the title was being used to allow homebrew gaming on Vita.

Prior to its removal Super Collapse was being used by hackers to access and run homebrew software Vita Half-Byte loader which, amongst other things, allows consumers to run Game Boy, NES, SNES, N64 and Mega Drive emulators.

Crucially, the hack did not allow users to play pirated Vita software.

The game will likely be reinstated to PSN once the hack has been removed and, more likely than not, a further Vita firmware update released that will close the loophole.

Last month Sony removed both Everybody’s Tennis and MotorStorm Arctic Edge from the PSN Store as they also allowed hackers to circumvent some of the Vita’s security measures.

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