Sony questions button-less gaming

A new site hosted by iconic Sony marketer Kevin Butler has dished out a number of comical digs to rival motion systems Wii and, in particular Kinect.

Called Move vs Stuff, the site’s front page carries a chart (pictured in full below) pointing out that PlayStation move includes a number of options not included with other consoles. It does, however, credit both Kinect and Wii for their inclusion of a power cord in the box.

Dig a little further onto the site and this page can be found. Called, it asks how button-less controllers (such as Kinect, obviously) can possibly hope to recreate the feel that buttons provides.

See what you did there? You clicked it,” the site reads once a button on an interactive Move controller is licked by the user. It turns out that buttons are really important. Not like ‘save the whales’ important. More likes ‘not play games that suck’ important. Cuz they help you… control stuff. Controller. Control. Kinds makes sense.

Some people don’t think you need buttons. WHAT?! Craziness. Could you imagine gaming without buttons. Where would the control come from? You couldn’t snipe. Couldn’t fire any sort of weapon at all, really. Unless you turn your fin gers into a gun. Pew! Pew! What are we, mimes? Buttons can do anything. Get you a turbo boost. Enter secret cheat codes.

Did you know that the button was invented by Edison? And that guy was smart. I bet he knew that buttons would be great for gaming. It’s not even just about fun. Pause. That’s a pretty important function right there. Especially when you get as phone call.

"I know what you’re thinking. ‘What if I could just shout pause?’. Without a button. Great idea! Because there’s no way that could backfire. Imagine. You’re boxing. Your friend’s passing by. He wants to mess with you. Cause he’s sometimes a jerk like that. He shouts ‘pause’. Tragic. Buttons! They keep the control in your hand.”

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