Sony readying motion-sensing controller for E3?

E3 is nearly here, and with it comes the traditional pre-show rumour-mongering – this time it’s the turn of PS3 with talk of a possible reveal of a new Wii-like motion-sensing controller.

Variety has published a seemingly quite definitive story claiming that a gesture-based PS3 controller does exist and that E3 is likely to be the platform for its debut. The site claims the device uses LED and webcam technology to track a user’s movements.

It also states that Sony has begun engaging with developers and publishers in an effort to get some demo software together.

Last year MCV got an ‘exclusive’ about Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 motion controller. Which didn’t happen, obviously.

However, the 360 platform holder has been linked with a possible acquisition of motion tech firm 3DV and could yet pull a motion-based surprise out of its E3 bag.

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