Sony reveals 3D headset prototype

Sony has unveiled a 3D headset concept that could allow gamers to play future titles without the need for a screen.

It is worn like a visor over the user’s eyes and shapes around their head with in-built headphones, reports VG247. It features two displays – one for each eye – and promises high-quality visuals and sound.

Sony’s deputy president Hiroshi Yoshioka showcased the prototype at the firm’s CES 2011 press conference. He talked about playing Gran Turismo 5 in a private 3D realm using the headset.

Nobody – not even my wife – interrupted me, so I could get the highest score,” said Yoshioka.

He also added that the headset is currently in the labs”.

It wasn’t confirmed whether the device will be able to play games or if it will launch at retail.

Nintendo released a similar device in 1995 – the Virtual Boy – before discontinuing it after six months on sale.

Image courtesy of Engadget.

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