Sony reveals 4K Ultra HD Media Player

The 4K revolution may be some way off, but Sony has revealed a range of devices that it hopes places it at the forefront of the technology.

The company has revealed a new 4K Ultra HD Media Player that can stream, download and store 4K video content on its 1TB HDD.

It’s designed to work with new 4K services from the likes of Netflix and can access Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K store whose current offerings include American Hustle and The Monuments Men. The Amazing Spider-man 2 and the second series of house of Cards will also be added at a later date.

A new range of 4K Bravia TVs has also been announced.

We continue to be the only company that offers a complete line-up of consumer 4K products, including TVs, front projectors, cameras and camcorders, while also leading the industry in providing 4K content,” Sony Electronics president Mike Fasulo said.

We strongly believe 4K is the future for entertainment and we remain committed to leading the 4K movement, from lens to living room, in a way that only a company like Sony can.”

Sony has previously said that 4K support may be added to PS4 at some point.

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