Sony rubbishes PS3 40GB failure claims

Following the appearance of a report on Dutch games site

which claimed that Sony is experiencing a 40 per cent failure rate of its recently launched 40GB PS3, Sony has insisted that the figures are completely inaccurate.

The story, which has since been removed and replaced with this apology, stated that information from a Belgian retail chain claimed that users were experiencing problems with the Blu-Ray disc drive that rendered discs unreadable.

Sony’s European boss David Reeves said in a statement: "We are very proud of the quality and reliability of PS3 and are disappointed that such extremely sloppy journalism has resulted in this totally inaccurate story.

"Since launching the 40GB PS3, we have experienced a fantastic jump in sales and the failure rates have remained at the very low level that we not only strive for, but have been achieving since the launch of PS3."

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