It'll export quicker, too

Sony update PS4 ShareFactory for higher resolution capture, GIFs

Sony’s forthcoming update to Sharefactory on the PlayStation 4 introduces a number of new capabilities: you can record gameplay at higher resolutions if you’ve picked up one of the PS4 Pro’s launching today, or if you’re just one of the little people, you can put together looping GIFs from your gameplay.

There’s a few other features: you can add features, arrange collages, apply stickers or apply an "internet meme" font if you’re feeling creative, and the update should increase export times too.

“We’re excited about the new animated GIF feature, which can be easily shared to Twitter right from your console via Sharefactory,” said Sony producer Stuart Platt in a blog post. “Using content from your Capture Gallery or your existing Sharefactory projects, you can create looping animated GIFs up to 10 seconds long. Sharefactory is currently the only way to create and share animated GIFs on PS4.”

This is all baked in as part of the PlayStation 4’s system, so all users will have access to it, although you will need to be, obviously, connected to the interent to download the update and upload GIFs.

This is valuable for developers, because it means people have more ways and hopefully, more motivation, to share content from your PlayStation 4 titles.

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