Sony: ‘We need retail for next generation’

The success of PS4, Xbox 720 and Wii U rests on retail, says Sony.

UK boss Fergal Gara says the High Street is suffering a ‘readjustment’ following the steep games market decline since 2008.

Over the last 12 months alone, the number of UK specialists has dropped by 300 (see story right).

But Sony is still heavily committed to the High Street – despite its recent acquisition of streaming service Gaikai. And it will be using the High Street to demonstrate its upcoming Wonderbook product.

Coming down off that 2008 peak has been a steep ride for many and has involved fallout on many levels, not least of all retail.

So what we’re seeing is notreally a surprise, a bit of a readjustment if you like and it isn’t just happening to the specialists on the High Street. There is a bit of a reappraisal around space andthe commitment fromother retailers.

We’d love to see as many of those retailers as possible maintain their interest in servicing the space because clearly down the road many ofus are going to be doing our best to give another injection into the market whenever the next cycle starts.”

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