Chilean developer to use Valveâ??s engine for fantasy-action game

Source licensed by ACE Team

ACE Team, an independent game studio based in Chile, has licensed Valve’s Source engine for the development of its latest project Zeno Clash.

The studio is comprised of veteran industry professionals who have previously worked on PC and Xbox Live Arcade titles.

"Working with Source gives us the features, tools, and flexibility we need in an engine to bring to life a game world beyond anything seen before," said Andres Bordeu, game designer with ACE Team.

"Source is an incredibly flexible engine that lets us create environments with rich visuals, expansive and highly-detailed believable characters that interact with players in intelligent and challenging ways. We look forward to delivering a fantastic experience to gamers in 2008."

Jason Holtman, director of business development at Valve, added: "We’re pleased that the ACE Team has chosen the Source engine for their promising debut game, which will expand the use of Source into new gameplay and visual styles. As we continue to evolve the Source toolset, we will continue the tradition of supplying underlying technology for such innovative projects."

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