SpecialEffect One Special Day fundraiser announced for 29th September

The SpecialEffect charity has announced One Special Day 2017 on Friday 29th September, the fundraising initiative that calls upon the gaming industry to do something special.

Last year’s event raised £90,000 for the charity and this year, which is also the 10th anniversary of SpecialEffect, the aim is to raise over £100,000. Games industry partners such as Electronic Arts, Sega, Game, Twitch, Yogscast and others help to raise funds by donating auction items, donating sales profits for the day or charity events.

The SpecialEffect charity helps people with disabilities or injuries enjoy videogames with support and custom created solutions to enable gamers to play games. We recently visited SpecialEffect to see what the charity does from point of contact to the support it receives from the industry

"One Special Day is a key event in the SpecialEffect fundraising calendar," explains SpecialEffect’s Nick Streeter. "It’s a day when the games industry can get behind us and celebrate another year of us helping make their video games accessible to people of all abilities and ages.

“The success of One Special Day is particularly important in light of larger, non-gaming charities seeking support for their work from the gaming community and games industry. As the gamers’ charity we’re looking to inspire the industry to rally to our cause and support disabled gamers in the UK and all across the globe. If we’re not here for them, they’re likely to really struggle to find the help they need to play.”

"Games allow us to escape our world to visit another, experiencing anything and everything and loving every second of it," says Yogscast CEO and SpecialEffect Vice president, Mark Turpin. "SpecialEffect give the gift of gaming to people who thought it was lost to them. The tireless work and passion to help that Dr Mick and the team display never ceases to amaze me. We think One Special Day is a fantastic idea and are delighted to get behind the day as promotional partner”

If you want to get involved in One Special Day, you can by visiting http://www.onespecialday.org.uk/

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