Disney admitted to the Junction Point founder that Mickeyâ??s image was becoming â??sterileâ??

Spector recounts Mickey negotiation talks

The first time Spector met Disney on the project that is now known as Epic Mickey, he told the company:

“’I don’t do budgets, I don’t do schedules and I don’t make games for kids. I make games that are about choice and player consequences. If you don’t like that we’ll part ways, stay friends, and I wish you the best of luck.’”

The revelation is part of the second half of Spector’s interview with Develop, which is available now.

Throughout the whole two-part interview, Spector discusses the ongoing tensions with Disney on handling its most precious of characters, however, he also reveals the surprising radical reserves of Disney’s executive department.

“Remember that we are dealing with the character who is on everybody’s pay cheque,” said Spector. “There are lines you just don’t cross, and there are things that even I don’t want to do with Mickey.”

Said Spector: “I’ve been pleased and surprised of how people at Disney understand how people both love Mickey and, yes, acknowledge that he has become a little sterile.”

Taking the Mickey

(part one)

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