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CodesWholesale.com’s CMO Fatih Parlayan tells us why retailers should be using digital distribution

Eliminating the need for storing products and time-consuming transportation of boxes are only a few of the advantages of digital distribution of video games.

Additionally, the whole process is completely automatic – which makes it possible to buy the product at any time, from any place in the world. Naturally, it increases sellers’ revenues and lowers the costs. Now, why not start using this sales channel for wholesales as well?

The costs of storage and transportation, and the risk of a particular games series dropping in price, as well as a limited outreach, are not the only issues wholesalers have to face. The advantages of digital distribution have convinced some of them to leave traditional trade and start online sales.

However, many of them still use conventional tools to search for goods and contractors. This means having to make lots of phone calls and write countless emails every day in order to be able to choose the best offers. Additionally, lack of instant response from distributors might generate unnecessary loss and cause some stress. Meanwhile, there are solutions to these problems that will help to embrace the intensive changes that are happening on the video games and consoles market.

CodesWholesale.com is one of the answers. This platform enables trading processes to be automated and speeded up, which in turn attracts many distributors. Through this platform they can sell codes 24/7, incurring relatively little cost. Moreover, CodesWholesale.com also gathers a few thousand wholesale buyers who are eager to buy a wide range of games that are available on the platform.

Until recently, the main obstacle for the growth of digital distribution was the security of online transactions. However, thanks to newly available forms of payment and methods of data coding this hindrance has been completely eliminated. The result is that buying an activation code over the internet is becoming an increasingly common practise among users. They no longer need boxes or installation discs.

In 2013, a 33 per cent increase in the sales of computer games codes on the American online market was reported. Similarly, in 2014, the number of codes being sold via online stores and digital platforms was higher than the number of boxed games. This trend can be observed all over the world and there is no doubt that the use of the aforementioned tools that facilitate online sales will soon prove to be vital.

CodesWholesale.com platform not only allows acceleration of business processes – it also provides the possibility of continuous and instant updates of online offers and gives sellers the advantage over their competitors. Moreover, the offers from CodesWholesale.com’s partners are visible to all platform users, which gives sellers access to the world market. Without a doubt, these tools will continue to influence digital software distribution.

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