Square Enix eyes up Western developers

Square Enix is preparing a renewed push in Western territories this year – and has admitted that it would consider acquiring a European studio.

Speaking exclusively to MCV, the president and CEO of Square’s European and US divisions John Yamamoto said the firm was focusing on how to better seduce Western markets when developing new titles.

Yamamoto commented: We are now more focused on developing product that will help our expansion in the Western markets and of course this includes more fully localised titles than ever before.

In addition, we understand the importance of more global simultaneous releases and this too is a priority. Finally, we are also carefully examining options available for adding product from Western developers to accelerate our growth outside of Japan.”

And he refused to rule out the possibility of snapping up a UK or European studio in 2008 to help the publisher’s cause.

We’re not currently in negotiations, but we want to continue growing and become one of the top global publishers, so acquisition is an option,” he said.

Square Enix recently hit the headlines when global president Yoichi Wada told Cnet Japan that Sony needed to ‘clearly define’ what the PS3 offered fans.

The publisher’s line-up for 2008 includes Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II on PSP; Dragon Quest Swords on Wii; and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker on DS.

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