Square Enix on bringing West to the East

The three men in charge of Square Enix have told MCV that the company’s new global agenda is not merely leveraging Eastern properties in Europe and the US – it’s about returning fire with Western games that can break into the Japanese market.

I think today, [releasing Square Enix Europe’s games in Japan] hasn’t been as much a focus as it will be in the future,” CEO Phil Rogers stated.

Across the whole industry, only a limited number of titles have actually succeeded in both the West and in Japan. It’s true that Eidos’ market was a Western audience, but now we’re evolving as a company – one that shares information.” That international transfer of knowledge is key to cracking the global games market.

One year after Square Enix incorporated Eidos, the firm looked to bolster its operations in America too by appointing Mike Fischer as CEO of US-based subsidiary, Square Enix Inc. Fischer, fluent in Japanese, breaks into conversation with Wada during our interview.

There are a lot of Western games that go on sale in Japan,” Fischer says. But they only tend to be cases of republishing. The game is built, maybe localised and then shipped.”

To read the full interview with Yoichi Wada (president and CEO), Phil Rogers (European president and CEO) and Mike Fischer (American president and CEO), click here.

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