Epic Japan to provide local support and work directly with studios

Square Enix signs Unreal Engine 4 licensing deal

Final Fantasy and Deus Ex outfit Square Enix has signed a deal with Epic Games to license Unreal Engine 3 and 4 across all of its studios.

The agreement will help supplement the company’s proprietary software and expand the technology available to its developers.

Epic Games Japan will provide local support and work directly with Square Enix on the new license.

“Epic has a strong relationship with Square Enix, and it’s an honour to provide their creative and technical talent with the best game technology available for licensing,” said Epic territory manager Taka Kawasaki.

“We look forward to supporting their developers with world-class tools for years to come.”

INiS-developed ‘rhythm’ title Demon’s Score for iOS and Android is one of the first titles to be released under the new partnership.

Square Enix already has its own impressive proprietary ‘next-gen’ engine called Luminous, which Develop previously covered in July.

The deal with Epic likely means that Unreal Engine 4 will increase the options available to developers, with Luminous surely to be key part of many of Square Enix’s plans going forward.

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