Square Enix wants to update its Final Fantasy XV demo

In an unprecedented move Japanese publisher Square Enix has revealed plans to release a content update for one of its demos.

The Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae was distributed with Final Fantasy-0 HD last month, but Siliconera reports that director Hajime Tabata has confirmed that work on a version 2.0 of the demo is already underway.

Changes include alterations to the camera and targeting system, the addition of combat moves and assorted other combat tweaks along with some AXB enhancements. MP recovery and usage is also being re-examined as well as bug fixes and balance changes.

The company may even go as far as to include additional quests.

Also touted is a possible framerate improvement, although Square has already warned that this might not be ready for the demo update.

We’ve already made plans for improving certain things, and we’ve begun implementing things that used to be unknowns for us,” Tabata said. And if possible, instead of presenting a master that will be like the final release, I really want everyone to see and feel how the game is improving toward the final release as we take in all of their feedback.”

The publisher is currently in active discussion with Sony and Microsoft to see if such an update is possible. If it transpires it is not, Square will make Duscae 2.0 playable for attendees at various events.

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