Cloud gaming firm adds tools to GitHub, promises regular updates

Square Enix’s Shinra Technologies releases SDK

Shinra Technologies has made its Cloud Community Development Kit available for all developers.

The company, which was set up by Square Enix last year to focus on cloud gaming, has promised it will update the SDK regularly, and has already made modules and documentation available alongside the tools on GitHub in order to ease devs into the new tools.

The first version of the Cloud Community Development Kit will enable studios to create games for streaming based on three architectures. These are 1:1 single-player games, N:N MMO Games and 1:N multiplayer games.

The idea is that the SDK will help developers prepare their games for Shinra’s upcoming game-streaming service.

"Our vision for the CCDK is for every indie developer, in any part of the world, to have a simple and effective means to create a cloud game," the firm wrote on it’s blog.

"As a ‘living’ development kit, its documents and programs will be adapted and improved by both Shinra Technologies and the wider community over time."

The tool can be found on GitHub here.

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