SSX Online Pass doesn’t lock out multiplayer

EA has announced a different approach toward the implementation of its Online Pass in the upcoming SSX.

GameInformer reports that even without an Online pass players will still be able to take the game online for multiplayer races. However, credits earned will not be awarded to the player.

As you know, all EA Sports games for the Xbox 360 and PS3 have included a game-specific EA Sports Online Pass since June 2010,” an EA spokesperson stated.

This is a one-time use registration code with each unit sold new at retail that allows access to online services and features, as well as bonus game content. Once activated, additional passes will be available for $10. Thus, all new copies of SSX will include a code for Online Pass.

EA Sports has made a significant investment to offer immersive online services and features. We want to reserve these online services for people who pay EA to access them.
In SSX, players without an Online Pass are able to compete and play in both of SSX’s online game modes, Explore and Global Events with no restrictions. In Global Events, the top finishers from each event are awarded with in-game credits.

These in-game credits earned during play will not be awarded to the player if they do not have an Online Pass; these credits will be stored so that at any time, if a player redeems an Online Pass code, all the credits that they had previously earned in Global Events will be immediately awarded to them.

Economy balance makes it possible to unlock all available content and allows you to participate in all event drops across both Explore and Global Events, with credits earned solely in Explore.”

The change of tact is interesting. Could it suggest that blocking multiplayer alone is not prompting a sufficient number of consumers to pay out for a new Pass?

It’s certainly logical to conclude that players who are allowed to sample the joys of online are more likely to pay for the full experience than those who haven’t sampled it at all.

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