Chris Roberts' Space sim MMO has now raised a total of $37m

Star Citizen receives $4m in two months

Gamers hungry for a Chris Roberts’ upcoming Star Citizen continue to pour money into the project – $4m in less than two months, in fact.

The studio confirmed that the game has raised a total of $37m so far, according to CVG

Star Citizen began life as a Kickstarter appeal in 2012 with a target of $500,000, but it finished with well over $2.1m. Over the last two years, consumers have continued sending in donations through the game’s official website. Developer RSI has even been selling spaceships and other virtual goods, with prices that go as high as $200.

The studio also launched a feature earlier this week that allows players to create in-game organisations ahead of launch. Roberts revealed that almost 5,000 virtual firms were founded in just 12 hours.

Now that funding has reached $37m, RSI has promised to add a new solar system to the final game.

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