Star Wars Minecraft skins hit Xbox platforms

Microsoft has announced the release of the Star Wars Classic Skin Pack for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions of Minecraft.

The add-on is available now for $2.99, and includes a laundry list of playable skins for characters involved in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Multiple variations of Luke, Leia and Han are included, as well as plenty of the more obscure characters – such as Bib Fortuna, Lobot and IG-88. Jabba the Hutt is one notable omission, but that’s not much of a surprise given how the skins are built around Minecraft’s protagonist.

Microsoft added that it already has plans to release other Star Wars DLC for the Xbox editions of Minecraft moving forward. Here’s the full list of what’s offered in the pack:

  • 4-LOM
  • Admiral Ackbar
  • AT-AT Pilot
  • Ben Kenobi
  • Bib Fortuna
  • Blockade Runner Soldier
  • Boba Fett
  • Bossk
  • C-3PO
  • Cantina Band Member
  • Chewbacca
  • Darth Vader
  • Dengar
  • Emperor
  • Emperor’s Royal Guard
  • Gamorrean Guard
  • Governor Tarkin
  • Greedo
  • Hammerhead (Momaw Nadon)
  • Han Solo, Endor
  • Han Solo, Hoth
  • Han Solo, Smuggler
  • IG-88
  • Jawa
  • Lando Calrissian, Bespin
  • Lando Calrissian, Skiff Guard
  • Lobot
  • Luke Skywalker, Bespin
  • Luke Skywalker, Dagobah
  • Luke Skywalker, Endor
  • Luke Skywalker, Hoth
  • Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight
  • Luke Skywalker, Tatooine
  • Luke Skywalker, X-wing Pilot
  • Nien Nunb
  • Oola
  • Princess Leia Organa, Bespin
  • Princess Leia Organa, Boushh
  • Princess Leia Organa, Endor
  • Princess Leia Organa, Hoth
  • Princess Leia Organa, Senator
  • Princess Leia Organa, Yavin 4
  • Princess Leia, Jabba’s Palace
  • R2-D2
  • Rancor
  • Rancor Keeper
  • Scout Trooper
  • Stormtrooper
  • TIE Fighter Pilot
  • Tusken Raider
  • Walrus Man (Ponda Baba)
  • Wampa Ice Creature
  • Wicket W. Warrick
  • Yoda
  • Zuckuss

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