Star Wars Old Republic set for Spring 2011?

Comments made by EA’s CEO in this evening’s investors conference call suggests Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released in Spring 2011.

During the call – which discussed the firm’s decision to reduce its projected revenues for FY2010 – John Riccitiello said the firm’s next ‘major MMO’ is making great progress towards a Spring 2011 launch."

It’s presumed he was making reference to Star Wars: The Old Republic – which is being developed by EA’s BioWare studio in collaboration with LucasArts and is being published and distributed by EA – as the firm has no other internally-made MMOs in the pipeline.

The firm is distributing Realtime World’s APB through EA Partners – but that is expected in March this year.

Riccitiello added that the ‘major MMO’ in question wouldn’t be factored into EA’s cautious projections for the 2011 financial year "given the volatility of this particular sector".

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