Star Wars open-world RPG Kickstarter cancelled by 20-year-old creator

An impossible dream of creating a triple-A Star Wars RPG has, unsurprisingly, been cancelled by its creator.

The pitch lit up parts of the internet earlier this week.

With all the open world RPGs out there how is there not a good one for Star Wars?” it asked. I have decided to take matters into my own hands and write a story in the star wars universe that will fit inside a RPG video game.

I am currently looking into talking with Disney if I am able to do this. If not then there might have to be a compromise on the name or some other parts. I need your help. I am not a very good programmer, and I’m an even worst artist. I want to put this project into the hands of professionals, but in order to do that I need money to hire them. This was my dream as a kid I hope you can share my same compassion, thank you.”

I am talking about a Star Wars RPG that will completely blow people away; like ‘Fallout 4′, or ‘The Witcher 3′ did. I want to make something that is like this in some respects, but goes even further. It will have the graphics of ‘Battlefront’ or better with the feel of ‘The Witcher 3′.”

The problems were obvious, of course. $200k to make an open-world RPG? A pitch creator with little programming experience (although he has published a game) and no team in place. The biggest issue, however – that Disney owns the Star Wars license. And EA the Star Wars game rights.

Now the project has been cancelled – although not before it raised $18k, it should be noted.

"I have no idea about games," the pitch’s creator, 20-year-old Devin Tripp told Game Informer. "I know nothing about the budget. So when I first made [the Kickstarter page], I figured $200k sounds like a good number. I didn’t think things would blow up like they did. I figured some people would say that this needs to happen. Maybe Disney would contact me to do this.

"If I got permission from Disney, with the credibility of a Kickstarter that made $200k, investors would be swarming in. If someone with no experience got $200k, then obviously these people want it. People are going to buy this game.

"I just wanted to show that anyone can make a difference."

The remnants of the game’s Kickstarter page now contain a sad, yet still gently positive, message from Tripp, lamenting some of the treatment he’s endured since the attention of the internet was directed his way.

I’m sorry to Disney for using their logo and name,” he said. Having said that, I find it very disturbing that you want to report me to them. As if they didn’t already know. You truly want to see some be in debt for the wrest of their life because they had a dream for a video game that they never created. Very selfish, and very ironic. Disney was created because Walt Disney had a dream, was it not?

I am taking this kick starter down myself. Disney has not contacted me to tell me to shut it down for those of you who think you own Disney. I am taking this kick starter down, because I very much respect Disney, and I do not want this to get to big. I love all their pirates of the Caribbean movies. I always wanted to be captain jack, but I think Mr Depp is to good to be replaced.

I have faith that somewhere in the future, a game like the one I described, will be made by Disney/EA/LucasFilms/Bioware or whoever is going to do it. I know my spelling and grammar sucks, but all you need is the force and you will do ok in life. The point of this whole Kickstarter is to not let your dreams be dreams. Don’t say tomorrow just do it.”

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