Starbreeze is making its own virtual reality headset

Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus, Steam Vive – VR is a crowded market, but yet another new headset contender was revealed last night.

Payday developer Starbreeze has announced Project StarVR which it describes as the IMAX of VR gaming” due to its increased field of view – 210 degrees of horizontal viewing, specifically, compared to rivals’ 110 degrees.

All in all that means a combined viewing area of 5120×1440 pixels. The device also supports 360-degree head tracking.

Starbreeze has its own proprietary VR game engine, too, called Valhalla, too. That was shown off using a demo of Overkill’s The Walking Dead in which players are pushed around a virtual environment in a wheelchair, shooting foes.

Those who got to try the game were also handed a toy shotgun to mirror the virtual weapon used in-game – all of which means that while Starbreeze may have its headset nailed down, how it intends to tackle the problem of VR controls has not yet been finalised.

Here’s a video enthusing about the project:

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