Stormrise to capitalise on Total War success

Creative Assembly is set to follow-up


he success of Empire: Total War, with futuristic console RTS, Stormrise.

2009 has already been a big year for the RTS genre, with Dawn of War II, Halo Wars and Empire: Total War performing well in the All Formats Top Ten. And Creative Assembly’s Australian studio is hoping to capitalise on this with the latest attempt at bringing the genre to home consoles.

It certainly has been a busy period for the RTS,” communications manager Vispi Bhopti told MCV.

A successful and fulfilling transition beyond PC is well overdue for the genre.

"Working on Total War has given us a very robust grounding in what it takes to make a successful RTS game. It has allowed us to move forward and tackle the challenge of bringing RTS to console with the full confidence that we are well versed in the fundamentals that make this genre work.

That said, we have approached this project with the respectful understanding that what works on PC does not always translate to the living room, and what has succeeded in the past does not necessarily mean it is right for the future.”

Stormrise for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC is set for release on March 27th through Sega.

For the full interview with Vispi Bhopti, click here.

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