Street Fighter V has sold 1.4m units

Capcom has revealed that Street Fighter V has sold 1.4 million copies since its February launch.

That’s according to a listing on the firm’s finance website, which lists the sales performance of various games – flick through to the fourth page to find Street Fighter V.

That figure includes both the PlayStation 4 and PC editions, and also includes digital downloads.

Furthermore, this brings total life-to-date sales for the series up to 38 million.

However, the 1.4m units is 600,000 copies short of the Japanese publisher’s two million unit goal for the game. Given that the title didn’t have a stellar launch, this is perhaps unsurprising.

ButCapcom has said it has long-term plans for the franchise, meaning that it’s possible for Street FIghter V make the splash the publisher wants in the long run.

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